A little introduction

Welcome to All Fun Things! I’m so glad you’re here. This has been such a fun adventure that we’ve been on these last few months. It all started last spring, around April of 2019. I finally decided to clean out the baby things after we had our last baby, our 6th child, Hazel Anne. I had a pile of barely used cloth diapers on my hands and wasn’t sure what to do with them. I couldn’t get anyone to take them, and I couldn’t just toss them out. We know how expensive those things are! Well, the addiction anyway. So I set out to sell them. I so enjoyed photographing and posting them. They were loved, so it was a nostalgic experience. I found myself enjoying the interactions I had with other mamas, and in wrapping the items up in ribbons and bows to send on their way. The whole process was euphoric and exciting. I am quite the Christmas elf, so I had so much fun wrapping them up. It was even more thrilling when I would get the occasional picture of a sweet baby enjoying my wrapping and the diapers. I couldn’t get enough! But eventually, I ran out of diapers! So what do you do when you are trying to get rid of diapers, and enjoy the process so much, but you have no more? You buy more diapers! 🤣 And so it began: a business license and an abundance of diapers. I ended up filling my house with more than I originally needed to get rid of. I began crafting and customizing them, which made them even more special, and even more thrilling! I knew I was on to something.

My life has been devoted to the raising of my brood. My husband and I are high school sweethearts, and we married young. We started a family and that is where my focus has been for over 20 years. Dirt poor as we started out, I always wanted to give my kids the best, as every parent does. Clothing was important to both of us, as we both grew up with parents who worked very hard, but had little left to spend on clothes. You can call it vanity, but we all know how cruel children can be. I learned very early how to get great clothes at great prices, and I became an expert shopper. This is why my Upcycled collection is so important. You can still dress to the 9’s without the price tag. Gently used clothing is not what it was back in my husbands and my day! I only hunt for the best for you, just as I did when our guys were little.

As the years passed, my kids grew, as kids do, and they had their own tastes in clothing. We went through periods of homemade dresses, as well as boutique clothing stores. I had my favorite spots where I knew I could get smocked and beautiful clothing for a good price. I became very familiar with boutique shopping and brand comparisons. Clothing is an outward expression of our own creativity. I always wanted my children dressed for success, because you look as good as you feel. If you feel like a million bucks, it shows. It shows in your attitude, your posture, and your presence. Say what you will, but clothing is important! You’ll get arrested without it!

When our last baby girl was born, she showed us just how important clothing was. She would not keep it on! I would ask her multiple times throughout the day “Hazel! Why are you naked!? Again!” And I even documented a day of dressing Hazel. I think we counted about 8 outfits she went through that day. Some days that’s all I did. Dress Hazel. Again and again and again. And there were days I didn’t. She’d be streaking through the house on a Tuesday afternoon. But the more she picked what she liked to wear, the longer she stayed clothed. And the more her tastes became acknowledged and appreciated, the prissier she became! A true diva! So there is where my boutique collection stems from. The covering and satisfaction of Miss Hazel Anne! She has stolen many an outfit from a clothing rack; and snuck leggings out behind her back that she didn’t know were two sizes too small. Today she will still pick up a 0-3 month onesie from the shop and ask in her almost 3 year old munchkin voice “Is this mine?” She loves clothes too! And she is a model by nature. The pictures you see of her are rarely prompted. She picks a spot she likes, while in a dress she loves, and she puts on a show! All we have to do is follow along and be ready to snap.

My first 4 babies are all getting older and either in college, about to be, or in their teenage worlds. The years go by faster and faster and it can be hard on a mama. I had two more children, Bear and Hazel, much later in life. Soon it will be just the 4 of us as my first litter spreads their wings. From diapers to clothing, so began the birth of a business, and a different path for our family. I had no idea what to name it, or what I was about to give birth to. Again...I just knew that I was having so much fun doing it! All these fun things! Diapers and clothes and my big babies and my little babies...the only thing that seemed fitting was All Fun Things.

So we welcome you into our lives, as we welcome you into our store. We hope you will have just as much fun!

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