Before acquiring a new brand, supplier, or manufacturer, I will always place a sample order. I am looking for the following criteria:

      1. The Quality of the product. - does it look like its picture? Does it meet All Fun Things quality standards as far as adorableness and durability? Was it well made? 

      2. How long did the process take for it to get to me? Did it arrive within a week? A month? Did it get lost in transit or delayed? 

      3. Customer service. Did the brand, supplier, or manufacturer communicate well with me regarding my sample order? Can they be trusted to communicate well in the future? Are they a good fit for All Fun Things and our customers?


      A new product must meet ALL of this criteria before I will pass the product on to my customers. I have literally shredded dresses to use the fabric for hair bows because the quality of the assembled garment did not meet All Fun Things standards. However, sometimes there are other variables such as these cute items! They may have been approved and checked off on the first point but failed to meet the other criteria. Or sometimes they may simply have run out of a specific outfit before the evaluation process was completed. So we will wind up with only one of something. We call them our One Stock Wonders. We will most likely not be getting any more in for whatever reason. But they are still adorable, meet our expectations, and are ready to be worn. We just love them and hope you will too! 

      1 product

      1 product